If you’re an LGBTQI elder in need of home care or a provider seeking to connect a client to care, contact Maribelle Vazquez, Queer Elder Spirit Director.



Queer Elder Spirit

It’s a story that has become familiar in the LGBTQI community. After years of marriage, aging LGBTQI couples find themselves facing health decisions that threaten the future of their lives together. Others find themselves living alone with no help or companion. Many are subject to families and medical providers who fail to acknowledge the vital need to maintain relationships and community connections as aging continues.

Through a partnership with First Care of New York, Inc., Queer Elder Spirit matches LGBTQI elders with LGBTQI certified home health aides and personal care aides. Queer Elder Spirit aides can help homebound individuals with
personal care, rehabilitation support, household tasks, shopping and more. Often these services are available to LGBTQI seniors at low or no cost.